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Wintermole and Beach Lights

November 22, 2015

The first taste of winter has arrived at the Villa. The kids spent the weekend building snowmen, snow tunnels, and sledging about. I went into a late digging exercise because the ground is not frozen yet. I dug a neat 10 meter long, 20 cm deep trench down from the Villa towards the beach.


And why would anybody with a sane mind start digging the ground when the first snow is falling? Because I’m tired of staring at the black night when I look outside of the living room  window. With darkness creeping in around 16.00 at this time of the year, it’s boring to gaze into the dark void for 16 hours (okay, I do sleep sometimes as well…). I decided to shine light onto the trees on the beach line and therefore I needed power down at the lake.

The view outside the living room is often so beautiful during the summer that postcard photographers would love to grab an image. But things are different during the winter. The next 3 images show the view towards the lake in 15 minute intervals starting at 15.15. The images are taken with a smartphone camera without any effects.

IMG_20151121_153222s15 minutes later…


the famous “blue moment”…


I installed so far 4 LED lamps pointing upwards in 5 meters distance of each other roughly 2 meters away from the trees at the beach line. The LED lamps have 2400 Lumen strength as far as I remember. Finally, I have something to look at from the living room. It’s a rather interesting “painting” to look at in the night, especially when the snow is falling and the snow flakes are settling down towards the light of the lamps.


This photo doesn’t fully show the effect of the LED lamps because the camera adjusts to “Rudi”, the LED reindeer standing besides the sauna, but one can get an idea of the effect of the beach lights. If one stands outside one can recognise the branches of the tree from top to bottom. I’ll probably buy 2 or 3 more to lighten up the beach line more to the sides but already now the result is a success.

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