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Father-day’s Terrace

November 8, 2015

You can spend father-day enjoying that wonderful morning coffee made by your loved ones, wondering around in the neighbour hood, and reflecting on all those days with your family since the last father-day. OR, You can build a terrace!

Since winter really hasn’t made an appearance I decided to use the opportunity to catch up on that one project I had planned for this year but I haven’t got around doing yet.  On Friday afternoon I got a delivery from So, things went quickly from this:

IMG_20151106_154757sto this:


I worked on the frame of the terrace under artificial light on Friday evening (the sun set already at 16.10) and the framework was ready for “second breakfast” on Saturday morning.


I managed to screw on still one third of terrace boards on Saturday before switching to another project (more about that from the Other Half another time). On Sunday, the actual father-day, I continued screwing one million or one screws into those terrace boards after enjoying breakfast made by the family. And by father-day’s afternoon coffee and cake (best cheese cake ever BTW!) the terrace was pretty much done.

The question we are asking ourselves now is what to do with that terrace? A gardening/flower arrangement corner, a relaxation area with water feature, or simply keep it what it is now: the North-South corner of the Linnea track for BIG children trucks which are now speeding all around the cottage on the never ending terrace.


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