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The Last Mega Project

September 27, 2015

I want a workshop! A place where I can practise my carpenter hobby. A place where I can store all these gardening machines and tools. A place where we park the little lawn mowing tractor. A place where one can store all those seasonal things that need to disappear from terraces when the winter comes. And a place to escape from the other half when the air gets thin in the villa (which never happens, right?!).

By now, I got a rough idea what I want and where I want it. With 60 m2 of building rights left, I intend to use all of that for the workshop building. It should be 12 meters long and 5 meters wide. I want a mansard-style roof to optimise space under ceiling to pull up tools and materials under the ceiling. Something like this:

The roof should have some dormer style windows on both sides to let as much natural light into the workshop as possible.


The layout should be roughly such that the left side is reserved for the woodworking workshop itself, while the right side is dedicated to gardening machines including a lawnmower tractor and seasonal stuff such as garden chairs and tables. A small room on the right side can serve to store neatly gardening tools or as hobby room for the other half.

Workshop layout

Then there is the middle space between the workshop and gardening space on the right. That area is actually designed as drive-through. The workshop building is supposed to stand between the villa and the road up the hill. If the workshop design works out (and the building inspector agrees to it) then one should be driving through the workshop building to the inner courtyard in front of the villa; just like a gate in a old fortress. The height of that gate (no doors planned however) should be enough to let anything up to 3 meters pass through.

Workshop Hillside

Above is an illustration how the hillside of the workshop building should look like. That’s the view you are roughly seeing when you arrive to the villa before driving through to the inner courtyard. The double doors on the one side is where the gardening tractor should park and the single door is the entry to the woodworking workshop.

The other side, the courtyard side pointing westwards, of the workshop building has large windows to let more natural light into the building.

Workshop courtyardside

The south side should have again more windows to let the sun into the building while the north side will not have much windows as there is little light coming from that side.

Workshop south

The workshop building should be made from approximately 120 mm wide logs giving it stability and durability. While it is not designed to used extensively during the winter months, I’m thinking still whether I should have a cast iron fireplace in the woodworking workshop to heat up the place quickly and efficiently, but that’s something I need to discuss with the building inspector first. Anyway, these are the first initial plans only and they will change as the project moves forward. Now I want to first clear the area where the workshop building is supposed to stand and mark it roughly the ground. Only then we can consider what and where we are actually starting this mega project for real.

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