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Cutting for the future

September 20, 2015

Chainsaw, clearing saw, axe, bonfires. The ingredients of every “real” man’s dream.

I have officially started the preparations for the next big project: building the workshop. The location of the workshop shall be (if the building inspector gives his blessing) opposite of the villa. It shall be located somehow to the right of the current garden shed, pretty much there where the electricity cabinet is located now (that one has to probably move out of the way as well).


In order to actually see what we are planning, I started to chop those trees in the area where the workshop is supposed to stand. I lost somehow count how much I cut already, but I think that 10 pieces had to give way. After a quick treatment with the clearing saw, the area opens up slowly but surely.


I didn’t manage to cut the last tree into pieces yet because my chainsaw quit its service and decided to join an environmental tree-hugger group. Because I was already mentally set to take down also that tree I cut it with the handsaw the old-fashioned way.

4 bonfires took care of most of the branches. And should Ivan decide to cross the border then I know how to create the perfect smokescreen to cover the villa. Burning wet branches is kind of not that smart! Well, there is plenty of forest to hide my activities. I got to cut another 6 or so trees still before the winter, but I need to organise myself a new chainsaw first.

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