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The Mother-In-Law Highway

September 7, 2015

The guest cottage stands on an elevated level with an view to the lake. The path to the guest cottage had been neglected for a long time. Because we were landscaping the front yard anyway also the path to the guest cottage got a light facelifting this summer.


Previously, the path to the guest cottage was nothing more beautiful than a crude shovel of a digger creates. After an estimated 30 wheelbarrows of gravel and some 80 wheelbarrows of good soil and 5 Euro worth of grass seeds the whole thing looks already much more decent. The slope of the path is now less steep than before allowing grandmothers to pace up the hill with ease in any weather.


But one area of the front yard hasn’t been touched at all yet: the view up the forest road. And here it is where the next (and maybe final) large project of Villa Linnea shall take place. I want to build a garage/workshop at the location where now the garden shed stands. But more about that project later on…



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