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Just jamming

August 13, 2015

What to do with all these goods from the forest and garden, i.e. blueberries, strawberries and red currants?

Of course a good amount is frozen to help us through the winter. Another good amount is eaten fresh, as nothing really tastes better than blueberries straight from the forest or on top of a pie. The third thing I do is make jam.

Usually I make the jam at home, not at the villa, but during the last winter I’d managed to gather a good amount of glass jars at the villa, so I though why not make the jam already there from the really fresh ingredients instead? So that’s what I did!

If you’ve never made jam let me tell you it’s super easy. Just buy some jam sugar, mix it with the berries and a small amount of water, cook according to the type of berries you have and voila you have excellent jam, which tastes a million times better than the store bought ones!

I made jam in two separate batches. First I made some blueberry jam and red currant jam (I decided anyway to jam the currants instead of eating them fresh):

Jam pots 1

This got me three jars of blueberry jam and almost one jar (didn’t have any smaller jars) of red currant jam:

Jam jars 1

Then a couple of days later I decided to make some more strawberry jam, as the first batch I made a week earlier was really, really good:

Jam pots 2

So now we have almost two more jars of strawberry jam:

Jam jars 2

These should take us well into the next winter. And if, or when, we run out of jam, I can always make some more from the frozen berries in the freezer. That works just as well, and tastes as good!

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