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(Very) Local food

August 3, 2015

Local food is popular these days. During the year when doing the grocery shopping I do pay attention to what I buy, where does it come from; though not always do I go for the local version of something. However during the summer at the Villa things are different. And our definition of (very) local food is something that has travelled 150 meters or less to our plate.

Here’s some of the examples from this season so far:

Salad: in the spring we planted four different kinds of salad and are eating a mix of fresh salad from our vegetable patch if not every day at the most it’s no further than every second day.


Radish: also from our vegetable patch. This year, thanks to actually following the guidance and weeding the seeds out to a further interval, we were able to grow some decent radishes and eat them more than once.


Chantarelle: something good has come out of this miserably cold and wet summer (ok, it hasn’t been that bad, but much worse than the last few summers in terms of weather); the chanteralle are early and plentiful! Usually we are able to pick them from our regular spot just 150 meters from our front door around the end of August, but this year the Other Half and the Girl picked a good liter at the end of July. And there’s still plenty more where these came from…


Strawberries: well, to be totally honest these are not 150, but more like 500 meters away from the local farmhouse. Even though strawberries are late this year (yes, due to the weather again) they are super sweet. I even made strawberry jam for the first time this year and it was really, really good. Probably need to make some more still while the supplies are fresh…


Blueberries: need I say more? We have blueberry bushes all around our property and the forest surrounding us. The harvest seems to be very good this year, so you can really only blame yourself if you don’t get enough (of blueberries). It doesn’t even take much effort, as they are so big this year. We only have a few (small) buckets gathered so far, but will definitely keep on going to have plenty of these goodies throughout the winter! This was the first fresh blueberry pie of the season.


Red currant: we planted two bushes last year and hit disaster a couple of weeks ago. However those nasty little buggers (the worms, not the bushes!) did not damage the berries themselves. Thanks to some good sun in the last couple of days, just earlier today the Girl and I picked the red berries, which were ripe, and they taste delicious. Now I just need to decide what to do with this 0.5L of berries, the first harvest from these bushes ever.

I suspect the berries will just find there way in to our tummies accompanied by porridge or yogurt during the next few days and in the years to come, when there is more, I will make jam or something like that out of them.

Red currants

Let’s see what other (very) local food we still consume during the summer and fall…

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