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Evils of nature

July 28, 2015

The summer has not been the best – it’s probably the worst since 2008 when we were building the guest cottage and the beach sauna. However our vegetable patch has still managed the brute forces of nature and is on the way to producing some nice produce for this year. At least radish, salad, dill and parsley. The potatoes also look very promising.




Also as I’ve probably mentioned earlier, our apple trees and currant bushes survived the first winter and have been growing nicely. However we did have a nasty surprise after being away for a week – a reminder of the unpredicted evils of nature. One of the currant bushes was completely bare – the leaves were completely gone.

Berry bushes

What was the reason for this? Just look at this and you can see for yourself!


Yes, worms had munched away the leaves from one of bushes. And to make it even worse they had also of course spread to the other remaining three bushes!

Let’s see if we’ll manage to scare them away and what happens to the berries on the bush without leaves – even though it’s not much I do hope they would survive… Some more weeks still and we’ll see. But a brute reminder that nature does play tricks on you… Always when you least expect it!

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