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The Man in Black shows up

July 22, 2015

We have three fire places at the countryside estate: one in the beach sauna, one in the guest lodge, and one in the Villa itself. The Villa has been approved for use by the building inspector last year and I thought it might be a good time to call the chimney sweeper. In our little town there is only one chimney sweeper for a thousand chimneys, but the man in black doesn’t seem to mind. IMG_20150630_090020sThe cleaning of the sauna and guest cottage chimneys was done in twenty minutes. The cleaning of the fireplace of the Villa took more time. The heat-retaining fireplace had been in heavy use especially in the spring and the fall of the year. A lot of small and larger trees have been turned into heat and ash in there already. Cleaning out the bottom of the fireplace turned out to be more complicated than anticipated because access to the canals looping the hot air through the fireplace could only be accessed from within the drop area for the ash. The man in black collected a full bucket of ash from the left canal only. Hisilicon K3 The chimney sweeping is probably one of the cheapest (legal) services you can buy in Finland. The cleaning of the three fireplaces and chimneys cost about 60 Euro. The surcharge for coming to the remote location of our countryside estate was 20 Euro. That’s quite a steal.

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