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Northern exposure

July 13, 2015

Based on my earlier posts you’ve probably already figured out that I’m a teenager of the early 90s based on some references to tv shows and movies. Sorry to do it to you again…

I was reminded of the tv show Northern Exposure this morning. During the starting credits there’s a bit where a moose is wandering around the main street of Cicely, Alaska. Well, we were having a regular family breakfast at the Villa when we spied a roe (or should I call it a capricorn?) at the shoreline of our lot! This individual looked to be quite a young specimen, eventhough it already had some decent antlers. It started to wander up pretty much along the property line and we could spy it quite close through the kitchen windows. I even got a shot (not with a gun! with a camera!) before it wandered off into the forest.


Quite special – I’ve never seen one so up close in the wild before.

It’s not the only wild animal we’ve seen recently. For the last couple of weeks’ we’ve been seeing a cute little rabbit baby hopping around – that is we thought it was just one, until yesterday we all of a sudden saw one in the front and back at the same time! One evening we even observed the nighly cleaning ritual of getting those long ears and legs all clean before a nights’ sleep.


I guess I’ll find these little guys all cute and lovable until I notice that they’re snacking away on my lettuce, or any other products from our vegetable garden.

Rabbit 2

Some weeks back we also spied a fox trotting along the shoreline of our lot. It was probably looking for birds nests…

Quite exciting wildlife this year, as other years we’ve not really been spotting animals such “wild” animals on our lot. I wonder what we’ll spot next?

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