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Heavy duty landscaping

July 6, 2015

The front yard project is going into the next bigger phase. While the lower level in front of the Villa was landscaped last fall, it was now time to start working on the upper level around the parking place. And since shovelling gravel and moving rocks only gets forward to some extent, it was time again to call in reinforcements. Moving the rocks into a nice configuration was done by this tractor/digger combination.


More gravel was needed in order to even out the road to the sewage tank. First 11 tons of 0-33 mm gravel for stability and then another load of gravel 0-16 mm. The truck driver was nice enough to distribute the majority of stuff nicely by unloading while driving at the same time which takes care of the majority of the work.


A sheet of foil is helping to keep the roots and other offsprings in the old soil under the path in check.


More gravel was dumbed on the parking lot to reduce the slope towards the lake.


We have now more 65 tons of gravel dumbed on the upper level of the front yard. That should be enough for the time being. And the next project is already waiting around the corner: 15 m3 of tree bark to be distributed, one wheelbarrow at the time….


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