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Saved by the bell

July 2, 2015

I think that was a sitcom  it the 80s or 90s… Anyways, don’t want to talk about that today. Instead about when there’s land all around and lunch or dinner is ready, how do you get people to the table? Simple – you need a dinner bell! Dinner bell 1

You may recall we have a small bell by the front door, but this one resides by the grill, close to both the kitchen door as well as our outdoor dining table. It’s also much larger in size, about double the size compared to the other one.Dinner bell 2

This dinner bell is very handy in the summer when everyone has spread to their own corner of the lot, as otherwise you’d need to holler your voice sore to get everyone to the table. It also works very efficiently, can say so with at least three summers’ experience. I think that’s how long we’ve had this, it was gifted to the Other Half by a friend.

It would be interesting to know how far the sound carries on the lake, but at least so far none of our neighbors have started rowing over when I ring the bell…

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