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Some signs of life

June 18, 2015

The spring and early summer have been very harsh this year. It’s been cold, windy and wet – I don’t think we’ve had more than one complete day of sunshine when it’s been warm enough to be outside in a t-shirt. Some summer!

Somehow miraculously our vegetable patch is still showing some signs of life. We were not at the Villa for a couple of weeks, so once we got there it was a bit wild – there were weeds as well as little patches of gras in the vegetable patch. Grass as we planted a bit of grass around the patch but it was a windy day… I did not take a before picture of the mess, but below what it looked like after a good two hours of weeding and other sorts of loving care. There is still hope we’ll be able to eat some produce from here this year!

Vegetable patch 1

It looks like our salads are taking off again very well, on the very right in the picture above. Also radishes will surely bring some crop:

Vegetable patch 3

Seems like some of the parsley from last year has also recovered (even though I thought I removed all the roots) and it’s growing nicely:

Vegetable patch 4

Other seeds are still pending…

Out fruit orchard is prospering nicely. We will surely get a few apples from out three trees this year:

Fruit orchard 3

As well as some red and blackcurrants from the four bushes:

Fruit orchard 1

Fruit orchard 2

Now we just have to wait and hope for some nice warm weather and sunny days! They will come at some point during the summer for sure… Right?


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