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May 28, 2015

This spring has been very cold. It feels also that spring is several weeks late, which is why I’ve been pushing the vegetable patch planting. However if I don’t plant it soon then there will be nothing to harvest during the summer.

So braving the cold winds from the lake I, along with my two side-kicks, turned the earth on the vegetable patch and added some new soil, as it had sunk quite a bit during the winter. If you look at the picture below it’s hard to spot that we’ve done anything but I’ll vouch on it: we’ve spend a good couple of hours on this already. Vegetable patch 1

After prep it was time for planting. This year we will give a stab at growing the following: cucumber, radish, parsley, dill and 4 types of salad. And of course potatoes! A learning from last year was not to plant all the salad seeds at once, otherwise we’ll be chomping away like rabbits at the lettuce, as it’s edible at the same time, so now I planted about half and will plant another half a couple of weeks later.

Can you spot the difference? This is the patch after planting:

Vegetable patch 2

Now we’ll just have to wait for warm, good weather and see whether we can repeat the roaring success of last year vegetable growing attempts!

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