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Spring cleaning

May 25, 2015

Our beach sauna (that sounds odd, but for the lack of any better translation I’ll use that) has a wood-burning stove and no running water, but electricity (for lights). That’s how a sauna at the cottage should be, if you ask me.

Due to the lack of heating we don’t use it much during the winter. Since we’ve had running water in the Villa (two years now) we’ve become increasingly lazy users of the sauna. We’re not a big sauna family to begin with, it’s so much easier to just hop in the shower. Also the last couple of summers have been so hot you really haven’t needed to hop in the sauna in between swims to warm up.

As the season is starting again, last weekend it was time for a good spring cleaning before first use. It never takes that long, but one just needs to get the motivation to start. So after an hour everything was aired, dusted, washed and clean. Time to heat up!

At the same time it was time to add some long-time-missing accessories, which are essential to ay sauna. We have not had a proper bucket for the water in the sauna like ever. I’ve been on the lookout for one for several years already, but nothing nice has struck my eye. Two years ago when we were up in Lapland for a ski holiday we found a very nice scoop for the water made our of juniper, but no bucket.

Last fall sometime browsing through the local mall I found it: the bucket for our sauna. It’s very simple, brushed steel with a nice wooden handle. Perfect, fits the style well!

Sauna 2

Sauna 1

It was heavenly to have that first sauna of the season! It reminds me every year why, even though I’m no sauna fan, a wood-burning sauna is the only way to go!

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