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The Half Circle

May 10, 2015

I love carpeting. I love building log homes. Landscaping? Well, you got to do what you got to do!

With spring incoming it’s time to continue the front yard project. The previous weekend and this weekend were dedicated to shaping the half circle in front of Villa Linnea. The rough circular shape has been formed when the digger prepared the front yard last fall. However, it left more work to do then just fine-tuning.


It took me probably 50 and more wheelbarrows full of soil, rocks and other crap I found in the neighbourhood to create a decent circular shape with an even slope. Two trailer loads of fresh soil make up the final layer.


The first bushes have also been planted already by the Other Half. But somehow this whole thing doesn’t really look like anything yet. WIP at it’s best!

IMG_20150510_105416sWork in Progress – To Be Continued.

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