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Spring is officially here!

May 5, 2015


The snow is gone, so spring is officially here. What does that mean for us at Villa Linnea then? Planting, plenty of planting, of course.

We have several projects (that we know of) in the works or planned for this year. Of course we will plant potatoes, vegetables, salad and herbs like previous years. Also there’ll be some flowers, though what and where is still a bit open. But the biggest project is the front yard, which is pretty much not done or badly work in progress.

We did not have any plans to extend our fruit orchard, but then the Other Half came home with three black raspberry (Rubus fruticosus) plants. As they will grow approximately 2 meters high we had to reconsider where to put them. Finally we settled on putting them next to one of the large rocks lining our property, giving a place to put support structures easily in the future when they grow higher, as well as the rock gives them some cover from the wind from the lake. I’m not expecting that these would produce anything yet this year, but let’s hope in the next 2-3 years.


Also the Boy and the Girl have been busy picking some spring flowers for me. Always very nice! And such a small bouquet lasts nicely a couple of days, so you don’t feel bad about having to put it away on Sunday evening before heading home.





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