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Farewell 2014, Hello 2015!

January 3, 2015

2014 at Villa was a relatively easy going year. Not that much has been done indoors. Most of the projects have focussed on gardening and landscaping. Overall, I didn’t spent that much work effort on the Villa because I built a house extension to our city dwelling, which was completed during the summer.

However, the building work both at the city house and the Villa was officially approved in the summer. Villa Linnea is now in official use. In order to be approved, I had to install the roof safety products which I did in the late spring. The rain gutters were attached in the early summer.

Lots of our leisure time went into landscaping and gardening. The fruit orchard was created and the vegetable patch produced great results (=potatoes and salad for the whole summer). I started the front yard work with some serious landscaping but there is plenty to be done. The front yard will be the focus for 2015. A lot of time, material, and sweat will go into getting the front yard into presentable shape. I also need to build another terrace this summer like last year. But it shouldn’t get too crazy this year and more time is spent on enjoying the Villa than re-building it.

It’s been now 7 years since I bought the land for Villa Linnea in the fall 2007. With the main building approved, it is a good time for looking a bit back comparing the before and the now: Nowadays, the view to the lake is almost unobstructed.


But it hasn’t always been like this. Below is a photo taken from pretty much the same position 60 meters away from the lake 7 years ago. There used to be road down to the lake which as such doesn’t exist anymore.


The photo below depicts the view towards the lake from about 20  meters distance.


And this is how it looks today. A bit less wild.


Below is pretty much a most recent photo featuring the view from the lake towards the Villa.


This is how it looked like just after the trees had been cut and taken away from the building site in the winter 2007/2008. I have to admit that even I am sometimes surprised what mankind with time and energy can create.



Like the years before, 2014 was a busy year and a good year. I wish you also a Happy 2015!



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