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Swing, darling, swing!

December 25, 2014

It is summer. It is evening and the sun is setting. The kids are in bed and the the estate owners can enjoy a glass of wine on the porch. If we were in Georgia, the peach state in the US and also the main location of Gone with the Wind, there must be a porch swing.

This blog post is about building one of those. My swing is about 110 cm to 50 cm in size. It started with getting the pieces of pine boards and cutting them to length. There are the boards for the back of the swing made from 48×18 mm pine, the boards for the seat from 35×18 mm, the arm rests from 78x18mm, and 48×48 mm beams for holding the the back together.


I built the bottom frame from 78×48 beams which is glued and screwed together for better stability.


The back of the swing is built separately with the cross boards being attached with wood pegs. One of the main challenges (if any in this project) was attaching the back of the swing at an comfortable angle of 5 degrees. To do so I cut the beam of the bottom frame at an 5 degree angle. After attaching the back to the swing came the most time consuming part of the project: painting. I painted all parts 3 times with outdoor paint.


Next step was to make the swing fly. For this purpose I bought 6mm anchor chains and the necessary other parts in stainless steel.


I attached the swing on the back porch facing the lake (and the evening sunset). Missing now is only the summer…






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