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Light Into the Darkness

December 12, 2014

Fall is a dark time. Especially as in the last few years we’ve been unlucky with the warm weather and snow has not come early, or in some cases not even by Christmas. To make is more bearable and cozy I like to light a lot of tealight candles. And what do you need for them? Lanterns of course!

Some years ago we picked up six of these nice tealight lanterns at some interior design shop because they were ridiculously cheap – like 1€ a piece or something. I haven’t used them at all, as there’s never really been a place to put them. They’ve been at the Villa in a drawer ever since… Until now that is!

Tea lights 1

When I finally dug them out I discovered why they were so cheap: the bottom of the glass jar is curved, so when you pop in a tealight candle it slides around to the side instead of staying in the center. That was annoying, doesn’t look nice and makes a mess when the candle is hot, as the stearine leaks out when it melts. What to do?

Well the rarely seen DYI-spirit in me ventured out! This is something that happens very rarely, I must say. We happened to have some white decorative gravel left over from years ago, just enough to “pimp up” the otherwise useless little lanterns with the curved bottoms…

Tea lights 2

I filled each of  the jars about 1/3 full with the gravel:

Tea lights 3

Put the jar back into the wicker holder:

Tea lights 4

And voila, nice little lantern that you can burn candles in without making a mess!

Tea lights 5

As I mentioned we had six of these, so now three of them are in the Villa kitchen:

Tea lights 6

And the other three on the coffee table in the living room:

Tea lights 7

Let’s now enjoy nice, dark evenings in romantic candle light!

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