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To higher grounds

November 16, 2014

600 kg of granite, lots of indecent language, and a bubble level. That what stairs that should last hundreds of years are built of.

The front yard has two levels: the lower one which is in front of the Villa and the higher one where cars (and sometimes trucks) move. The height difference is only 60cm and so far a ramp made it possible to get from one level to the other.


That ramp is not exactly beautiful and I decided to build some stairs. All stairs at the Villa are made of wood. But this time I went for something more heavy duty. I ordered 4 granite stones 1.2 meters long, 35 cm wide, and 15 cm high. A single piece weighs about 110kg which makes them difficult to move. I decided to go for the “slide&swear” method of pushing them 3 meters (from where the truck dropped them off) to where they are supposed to be.

The ground work and putting the first stone in place was the most difficult part taking about two hours. But once you get that one right, things move rather quickly because the nest stone sits always on the lower one.


Stones 2 to 4 took only another 2 hours to put in place (however no less sweat than the first one). I placed four additional granite stones of 1 meter length and 10cm width on the sides of the stairs for a nicer edge (and less dirt on the stairs).


I still have to cut off the top of long stones on the sides of the stairs with a diamond blade, but that’s for later next year. The heavy stepping stones aren’t moving a single bit, but we’ll see how they look like in the spring after Father Frost has left.


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