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November 5, 2014

No, today I’m not going to talk about the horrible movie from 2002 with Mel Gibson in it, but instead of another accidental theme that has developed around the Villa: signs!

You know, signs that you can buy in interior designs shops, furniture shops, souvenir shops, etc. They have funny pictures or texts, or something that connects with just you. Well, as said, we have unconsciously been hoarding signs at the Villa. Let me take you on a tour!

Coming in / heading out there is a sign above the front door. Carpe Diem is a kind-of motto for the Other Half and this, I think, is the first sign we have bought specifically for the Villa. I don’t know if the rug qualifies as a sign, but as you can see, it also carries a message.

Signs 2

Heading in you can already see the next one, hanging on the pilar in the entrance way:

Signs 4

Welcome to the Villa!

Signs 5

Then you finally know where you have arrived, glancing up at the Villa Linnea-sign made from beautiful drift wood by the Other Half:

Signs 1

Heading further into the living room you can see something hanging on the lamp:

Signs 6

This we picked up at the Christmas Market in Tallinn last year:

Signs 7

Finally in the kitchen, this is just for me:

Signs 11

As we realized this self-developing theme recently, when we saw this in a shop, how could we not pick it up:

Signs 8

Signs 9

So let’s see how this sign-theme develops further. I’m sure were quite not done yet!

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