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First Aid

October 20, 2014

At the cottage, especially one like our Villa where there’s something being built, torn down, chopped or sawn pretty much at any time, it’s important to have adequate supplies for first aid when (not if, but when) an accident happens. We’ve been really lucky at the Villa so far (knock-knock, that’s me knocking on wood!), as the worst accidents we’ve had have been related to scraped kneels or small scratches, or some splinters in the foot or hand. But first aid supplies must be available and stored in an orderly fashion, so that when they’re needed you can actually find them!

We’ve been lucky to have a proper first aid kit (self-assembled) for several years already, as my Mother is involved in the field and gave us all the relevant, must-have supplies some years ago. They were stored in a nice make-up tote in the hallway armoire. So everything was in order, except… There was a metal, cream and grey first aid box I have secretly wanted for several years, but couldn’t justify myself to splurge on it, as though it was too expensive. Actually it really wasn’t a very well-kept secret, as every time I saw it in any store I would point out to the Other Half (or anyone else who was with me) that “isn’t that nice, I wish it wasn’t so expensive, I would love to have it for the Villa”.

What happened a couple of weeks back? We visited the local shopping mall and there was an outlet for some random interior design importer. Browsing through we found a lot of nice things (perhaps more about them in further blog posts…), but then – there it was! My first aid box! At less than half the price… You know what I had to do, don’t you? Yes, good things come to those who wait, so now I have my metal, cream and grey first aid box! Here it is: First aid 3

It’s a very roomy box – dimensions are around 35x20cm, so there’s ample space for all the supplies that we want to keep in here.

Also the location was updated from the armoire to the top shelf in the bathroom. Now it’s better out-of-reach of the little people, but still easily accessible for adults and oh looks so pretty! First aid 1

First aid 2

And not only does it look pretty it is also filled with the all-important first aid supplies: First aid 4 If you’re unsure of what you should have in your first aid box at home, at the cottage or in the car, there’s plenty of resources online to help you with that. You can buy a ready first aid kit or find a list of the needed supplies and make one yourself. Just make sure you have one and check on the content regularly to make sure everything needed is in stock for those times when you need it!

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