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Continuos improvement – Part 1

October 4, 2014

Building a log home is never a trip with a final destination but a continuos journey. While the Villa has been approved by the building inspector and is in heavy use there are still plenty of things to be improved. The Villa is after all only in Version 1.0. One the annoying things is the hallway closet. While its rustic charm fits nicely to the Villa, it turns out that the legs are too short. One cannot hoover underneath it without acrobatic skills and pushing shoes under it fails also due to missing 5 cm clearance. SO, I decided to fine-tune the closet. The master plan is to simply glue additional legs under the existing ones. However, that plan almost failed because this clothing collection storage unit is build from massive wood and virtually impossible to lift (especially if one is too lazy to empty it.) The solution for my lifting challenge came in the form of my car jack. That one lifts up to 1.5 tons easily…

20140914_091125sThe leg extension is simple piece of leftover wood cut into size to fit neatly under the existing legs.


The result is a closet that not only looks like it always had these legs but also fits the shoes nicely under it. Problem solved!


Another challenge were the doors of the vanity unit in the bathroom, While these doors have a nice cottage look and feel, the 50cm wide version has a weak design. Already after the first days they started to droop towards the middle. I bought them from Bauhaus and they weren’t exactly cheap. Quite an annoyance I must say, especially considering that one has a prime view towards these tired doors from the business seat.


The solution comes in form of a 6mm plywood sheet which is simply glued on the back of the door giving the whole construction more strength.


Another problem solved…



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