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Gold in the Forest

September 29, 2014

Last year, in August, it finally happened! The Other Half found a spot no further than 100m from our beach sauna where chanterelle grow. We picked there at least twice and had enough mushrooms to make two very, very delicious mushroom sauces for a Sunday afternoon.

I know very little about mushrooms, but one thing I do remember from school is that if they grow a place once they will grow there again, and possible also expand their presence as the roots grow beneath the ground.

So this year we headed to the same spot again, not only hopeful but very sure that we will find our yellow gold again. We were not disappointed! Mushrooms 2

Even though the summer was very hot and dry, there seemed to have been enough rain to help these guys grow. Some of them were really big. We managed to pick a basket full, probably about 1L, and made a really delicious mushroom sauce served over our home grown potatoes. Yum, yum, is all I can say.

Mushrooms 3A few weeks later the Other Half and the Boy headed out again and gathered another loot. Not quite as big as the first time around, but equally good. Mushrooms 1

We also had a little visitor in our picking basket after leaving it out on the lawn for a while. Unbelievable how high and far these slimy little fellows can jump! Mushroom 4

I think for next year I need to study up on my mushrooms so I can recognize more of them and expand our mushroom picking to cover more than just chanterelle… Next year, maybe, let’s see…

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