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Big toys for Small Boys

September 21, 2014

Which REAL man doesn’t love this sight at 7.30 AM on Saturday morning?!


We finally started the front yard project. And since digging around with the shovel is for losers (and I have done plenty of it already for the fruit and vegetable gardens) we ordered the mechanised forces. The goal for this year was mainly to shift the earth to their approximate location in the front yard allowing it to settle during the winter and the spring.


We designed to shape of the front yard based on two levels: one level at the height of the steps and the other one at the level of the parking place. We didn’t want to order more soil or gravel this time. Hence, it turned out to be mostly a dirt shifting exercise. The brutal efficiency of the machine surprised me again: for something I need 3 hours for with shovel and wheelbarrow, the machine needs 5 minutes. It feels pathetic trying to do this manually.


Within 6 hours of digging about, the first step of the project was pretty much completed. Next comes some soil and some gravel and then hopefully lots of snow….

Finally, a thought about cutting trees with a chainsaw: I’m wondering now also whether the traditional way of cutting trees is efficient? The guy pushed one tree over in 2 seconds (this photo was taken few milliseconds before it snaps about a meter above the ground).



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