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Forbidden Fruit

August 27, 2014

I don’t remember whether I’ve mentioned in any earlier posts but one of the three apple trees we planted in the spring has actually had two apples growing on it. I was actually very surprised because I not would have expected that such a young tree doesn’t provide any fruits, yet.

Fruit orchard 3Last weekend when we arrived at the Villa of course we immediately had to check on the status of our fruit orchard as well as the vegetable patch. Horror of horrors – one of the apples had fallen from the tree! It was laying on the ground and looked like it hadn’t been there too long. Apple

What do you do with such a precious fruit? Eat it of course! I can’t eat apples myself but the rest of the family split it – a few bites each, and I’m told it tasted really good. Let’s see what kind of a crop we get next year from the apple trees. There’s still the other apple hanging in there – pardon the pun 🙂

The berry bushes are not providing any fruit this year, but we did make a small improvement over the summer. The Other Half sawed some beams from old terrace boards and I screwed them together to form a support structure around each bush. This is not really necessary, yet, but once the bushes grow and start producing fruit these will help keep the branches off the ground. It also makes it easier to cut the grass underneath eventually when the branches are heavier and longer.

Fruit orchard 2

On item on my to do list still this year is protecting the apple trees from rabbits for the winter. This will be quite simple – need to just buy a roll of 1m high metal mesh fence, or like, from the local hardware store and put it around each of the trees because if the rabbits get to these young trees I’m sure they will not survive…

Fruit orchard 1


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