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Art in the Garden

August 13, 2014

Creative projects might be a sign of missing major construction work, but it can be surprisingly fun. I’m not exactly very skilled in the art department, however I have to say that the recent additions to our garden at the Villa do have a little bit bling.

We found lots of driftwood in our bay this year. It is typically washed there during the autumn storms. Three pieces were of such original yet organic shape that we decided to pimp them up and place them in the garden.

Garden art 1

The drift wood is pretty much as we found them. We let them dry for a few days. Then we’ll brush them with a steel brush to amplify the natural pattern of the wood washed out over time. Finally, we apply a layer of boat lacquer for durability and more shine.

Garden art 6

Besides the fish above the third piece of art, the so-called Dancing Lady, is my favourite.

Garden art 4



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