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Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes!

August 11, 2014

As you may recall, we planted the other half of our vegetable patch with potatoes. We’ve never grown potatoes and really didn’t know how to do it. Actually we had absolutely no clue, but talking to people (parents, in-laws, grandparents) we received about as many pieces of different advise as the amount of people we asked.

Never the less, holes were dug, seed potatoes (=left over potatoes we’d bought from the shop that some had been sitting in room temperature for a week) were planted and then the wait began.

This summer was very hot and dry, almost record-breakingly so. Thus we had very little hope that anything would come out of our potatoes. We watered them and they grew really long and strong stalks. So in theory it looked good. But then there was the question of how do we know they’re ready? Again we asked and received various differing opinions and instructions. We followed the most logical one: dig a bit and see what they look like. If they look ready dig them up, if not cover them up again. That’s what we did a week ago. And this is what it looked like:

Potatoes 5

Success! Unbelievable! I think we are still in awe that we have managed to grow potatoes without having absolutely any clue what we are doing. The weekend before last, just as a test, the Girl and I bud up about 1/5 of the potatoes. They were varying in size but looked really good. Then this weekend with the Boy and the Girl we dug up a lot more, about 1/3 of the potatoes are still left in the ground. It seemed that this week the potatoes were even a bit larger than last week.

Potatoes 1The rest we will leave in the ground still for a couple of more weeks as it doesn’t do them any harm, if anything only helps as they will assumingly grow even bigger.

And what do they taste like, these homegrown potatoes? They’re the best potatoes I’ve ever had! The taste is sweet, just like always with new potatoes. I could eat tons of them in one go! And the cleaning is super easy: just a light rinse under the tap and they look like this, ready for boiling: Potatoes 2

This is what you can call fast food! And it’s good for you! And it’s organic and local, having traveled no more than 20 meters from the ground to your plate. I think the past Saturday there was barely an hour between taking the potatoes from the ground and having them ready to eat on our plates.

Encouraged by this extremely successful experience we will definitely be growing potatoes again next year. There’s been even tentative talks about expanding the vegetable patch… We should be able to manage the storage of the potatoes between our fridge at home and at the Villa ( so far we’ve probably taken up about 12-15L of potatoes), but should we expand our potato farming even more we just may need to build an earth cellar. Another building project for the Other Half but that’s a completely different story… 🙂

All potatoes are different and in our “digs” we’ve also found a few funny looking individuals. The heart: Potatoes 3

The double:

Potatoes 4


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