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Flower Power!

August 8, 2014

Remember when I told you late spring / early summer about our plans for planting seeds to grow things this spring? We have a vegetable patch (more about that another time) and a flower patch, as well as some other places where we planted flower seeds.

I know it’s not difficult to follow the instructions on the package and plant the seeds, but I guess the kid in me continuous to be equally amazed at when something actually works out like it’s supposed to (according to the package). Even though the summer has been hot-hot-hot and days it has rained since the beginning of July can be counted with one hand our flowers are blossoming. Just have a look!

These cornflowers (and some others I don’t recognize) are growing on the slope from the fruit orchard towards the guest cottage:

Flowers 1

Flowers 2

Flowers 3

The slope is mainly cornflowers, but there are some beautiful poppies thorwn in as well:Flowers 4

The pot of marigolds at the top of our road is really colorful! I think I could have probably put about half of the seeds in there because it’s quite over crowded. Well, at least you won’t miss our road thanks to these!Flower pot 1

Flower pot 2

The flowerpatch next to the Boy’s tree house hasn’t turned out so well, thus the lack of pictures. Flowers have grown but I’m not at all happy with the way it looks, it’s too random. For next year we are considering moving the frame of the flowerpatch to a slightly better location. Also over the winter I need to study up a bit on flowers and actually make some sort of plan on what to plant there and how so it would look nicer. To be totally honest, planting the flower seeds in even rows doesn’t bring a really nice result, unless you are planting sunflowers. We did, plant sunflowers, but just one row this year.

But let’s see what happens then next year… For now we will enjoy the beautiful flowers we have grown ourselves until the fall comes!


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