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Breakfast from 07.00 to 10.30

July 24, 2014

A major planning mistake led to another enjoyable terrace project this summer. We currently have the front terrace with the main door facing east, the lake terrace reaching with its 17 meters from the southwest corner to the northwest corner. The dining table is located on the southwest corner close to the kitchen. Two sun chairs are standing in the northwest corner for an evening reading program. However, the sun (should blame her?) happens to be in the morning not in the west but rather in the southeast meaning that we haven’t had a decent place in the sun for breakfast with more than two people. That problem had to be fixed this summer. The result is the breakfast terrace on the southeast corner of the Villa. The furniture on the breakfast terrace are wicker (imitation) lounge chairs that are weather proof and therefore can stand outside uncovered all summer. We are all positively surprised how comfortable those plastic chairs can be.


The breakfast terrace has been built partially from recycled materials. The pillars and the framing boards are from the former terrace extension of the guest cottage I’ve torn down earlier this year. A lot of time went into shifting enough gravel for the foundation. Building the foundation and the terrace frame took less than a day. Screwing on the terrace boards about another day.

The breakfast terrace turns out to be a full success. Because the lounge chairs are so much more comfortable than the ordinary chairs (and the southeast terrace is actually slightly cooler in the afternoon), we do not enjoy only our breakfast coffee/tea on the new terrace but rather often the afternoon tea (do I sound a bit British today?).

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