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Let it rain, let it rain, let it …

July 5, 2014

With the final building inspection of Villa Linnea passed, all other work is purely for pleasure. Well, that’s at least the attitude.

Installing rain gutters is purely optional at the countryside. But because the water drips rather inconveniently from the roof at the front and lake terrace we decided to get ourselves a set of rain gutters around the roof. Initially, the plan was to hire professionals to get the job done. The offer from Vesivek, one of the leading companies to do this kind of work, was 1500 Euro and from Ränniparonit, another vendor, was 1980 Euro. I knew from a little research on the web that I could get the materials for about 900 Euro and, therefore, the decision was again to do it myself.

I ordered the materials from Sadex resells the rain gutter solution from Piristeel, which seemed to be a fairly easy system to DIY. The first surprise came when the material was delivered in 13 different packages. I guess bundling the stuff to one bundle would have been too complicated. After ripping all packages open I discovered that the corner pieces were not at all what they are supposed to be according to the assembly instructions. Instead of neat L shaped corner piece I have to cut the rain gutters at an 45 degree angle which isn’t that easy to get done neatly.

Even more annoying was the quality of the rain gutters. The profile of one rain gutter didn’t really equal the next one. And the cuts at the end of the rain gutters pieces were anything than straight.





The lack of quality of the rain gutters led to more “fumbling around” in the intersections of the rain gutters. This could have been much easier. While I’m satisfied with the result, I can’t recommend Sadex.




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