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Latest Kitchen Additions

July 4, 2014

For the last year we (or more like I) have been searching for a nice kitchen paper towel holder for the Villa’s kitchen. You know details are important but my quest was starting to be a bit boring as I was unable to find anything that would suite both my taste and the kitchen. I had pretty much given up and gotten accustomed to the fact that we had an ugly kitchen paper towel roll either just standing on the countertop, on the table or, as in many cases with little helpers around, rolling on the floor. Ugh!

But of course when you give up good things happen! The Other Half and I were in Tallinn for a bit of an adults get-away about a month ago eating well and getting some good shopping done. There are a few interior design/furniture shops we like to check out when we are in Tallinn and finally I was lucky. There is was – the perfect kitchen paper towel holder! I know, I know, it’s not really something to get so excited about but you just don’t know how frustrated I was with not being able to find anything decent for over a year. So there it is now – the great find hanging on the Villa kitchen wall! And, just by a pure coincidence, it is also continuing the unplanned heart-theme that I discovered sometime back.


Another great, but not so necessary find, recently was this stackable candy/chocolate/cookie tincan.


I have been looking for a similar glass/acrylic one again for a year or two but have not been able to find one that really “speaks to me”. You know what I mean, there’s always something just a little bit off about the ones I’ve found. I hadn’t even thought that there would be tin ones available! I saw this in an interior design shop along the way home once from the cottage, one of the “fun stops” we sometimes make along the way. It was a bit expensive so I hesitated buying it, but as I liked it so much I took a picture of it. At home I started looking whether I could find it online, which I did, for 30€ less than in the shop! So I didn’t even think before clicking “add to basket” on the website. And now it stands nicely on the Villa kitchen counter and has been in good use for a couple of weeks already.

p.s. usually these “fun stops” that I mentioned are mainly fun for me, as more times than not it means a stop at a nice café or interior design stop, not the kinds of stops the Boy or Girl would pick (and not always even the Other Half) but they are good sports and indulge me, most of the times anyway…

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