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Wonders of Nature

July 2, 2014

Erna’s eggs still haven’t hatched! We’ve been carefully monitoring the status when visiting the cottage, trying to find that fine balance of not disturbing her too much vs. feeding our curiosity. WP_20140629_002

However if you look closely at the picture you can see that a couple of the eggs already have little cracks on them! That means the little ducklings are slowly but surely trying to make their way out into the world. Let’s see whether they are still in the nest next weekend when we go the cottage or have they already left.

Also the birdhouse did indeed have inhabitants this spring!


It’s really amazing how they managed to find it and also make a nest into it. Based on last weekend’s lack of activity it does though seem like the little birds have already left the nest as there was no continuous feeding frenzy by the bird parents compared to the previous weekend when they were flying all the time back and forth to the bird house for feeding.

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