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Walk the Line

June 25, 2014

Last weekend, Saturday to be exact, we were pottering around in the front yard at the Villa. The Boy has a super new soapbox car built for him by the Father-in-law (see we’re introducing new characters in our blog? J ). The Boy was racing down the hill and it to the bushes he went! No one was hurt but the bushes continued moving! What is that, is that some animal?

It was! A duck with 9 little ducklings! I think they were about as surprised as we were, or we were probably more surprised! Luckily I happened to have my phone in my pocket so I could document their little trek. It was quite clear that they were on their way to the water from their next for the first time.


The mother duck was quite determined with her brood. After being initially started and obviously cut-off from the originally planned route she quickly re-planned and started making her way towards the shoreline.WP_20140621_002





WP_20140621_007We were all quite astonished by the speed of the duck and ducklings, as well as how nicely all of the little ducklings kept up with the speed. It couldn’t have taken them more than 2 minutes to make it down from the Villa the 50 meters to the waterline.

Let’s see if we see this nice duck family returning to our shore during the summer. It would be interesting to see how the little ducklings grow.

As we knew that Erna’s next had 9 eggs we naturally assumed that this was Erna and her ducklings (all ducks look alike, right?). Thus we went up to the next to see what do the eggs look like now that they had hatched. However it was not Erna! The nest was still intact! Actually Erna was not there, she must have go out to lunch J but she had nicely covered the next with feathers so the eggs are not visible.


But that was really exciting, happening to experience the first walk to the water for this duck family!


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