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Nesting (part II)

June 23, 2014

A couple of weeks ago the Other Half was outside and noticed a duck flying into the forest. This seemed a bit odd so he went on a hunting trip (not literally, we are not hunters and do not own any guns – and most importantly it’s not even duck hunting season!). What did he find? A nest!


Of course the rest of the family was extremely curious as well about the find, so we went to look a bit later on in the evening and indeed there is a next with a whopping 9 eggs!


We’re also quite surprised by the location of the nest: it’s about 60 meters away from the shoreline, so once the eggs hatch it’s quite a walk for the little ducklings to walk to the water. But then again what do we know about ducks nesting habits!

Unfortunately we scare Erna (yes, the Other Half has named her) away every time when we go to have a speak peek at the nest, so we must restrain ourselves but it is exciting to follow when will the little ones hatch and will we be able to see the walk to the water…


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