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Signs of Life

June 13, 2014

Our planting projects seems to have been a huge success! Look at all this growth on the vegetable patch:


We’re in the danger on turning into rabbits if we eat all that salad… I think a learning for the coming years already is not to plant all of the salad in one go but at a few weeks intervals so we can enjoy fresh salad throughout the year. Also all of the other herbs, carrots and radishes are off to a very good growing start. I’m most surprised about how well our potatoes have taken off. I was really not expecting to see pretty much anything happening there.

Fruit orchard is taking off well:


All of the planted trees and bushes are still alive and looks like they’ve rooted themselves to the ground, as all have been visibly growing in the last few weeks.

Our little flower patch is also growing:


Weeding is though a bit challenging as I can’t recognize quite which are the flowers in progress and what are the weeds. Time will tell if I made the right choice.

Also the pot at the top of the hill is starting to look quite crowded:


The Girl also wanted something so put the playhouse into the “summer mood”, so she chose a few flowers for the hanging pots:


Cannot wait to enjoy (& especially taste) our own, homegrown products!

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