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Climbing to new heights

May 31, 2014

In order to climb to new heights on the Villa Linnea we need a way to get to the top. According to Finnish building regulations, one needs a proper way for the chimney sweeper to get to the chimney. This is achieved through a combination of ladders, stairs, and roof walkways.

Because the roof design of the Villa is not exactly straight forward with its two towers, the design of the climbing route was a little bit of challenge. The decision was that all “functional” parts of a modern house such as ventilation pipes and roof safety products are installed on the side facing the forest. The presentation side of the Villa was always the lake side with the large windows.

After a short price comparison of the online shops I ordered the materials from The shopping experience left quite something to be desired. It took them four weeks to get shipment delivered to the site instead of the promised 1 to 5 working days. The Kaukokiito logistics company couldn’t find the material anymore after accepting it somewhere in their logistics system. I guess I’m partially to be blamed. But since I’m the customer I blame them naturally. The logistics company Kaukokiito, one of the bigger ones in Finland, couldn’t resolve a typing error I made. By adding a zero in front of the postal code, the shipment was pointing now to the Helsinki metropolitan instead of Päijät-Häme area around Lahti. Interestingly, the logistics company resolved the discrepancy between the destination city and the postal code by sending the physical materials according to the destination city but planning the delivery in the IT systems according to the mismatched postal code. Talk about one hand not knowing what the other does! I would expected that there are automatic cross-checks between the postal code and the destination city. Anyway, the distribution center in Helsinki informed that they don’t know where my shipment was while the guys in the Lahti distribution center were wondering why there was no distribution request for the material in their warehouse. It took them almost two weeks to resolve this.

Anyway, the stuff arrived ultimately at the site in a neat package.


After all that waiting, one hopes that the delivery is complete, which it naturally wasn’t. The holders for the roof walkways were missing. After my reclamation, Kattovaruste shipped the missing parts free of charge. Kattovaruste promised me to ship one additional holder of the roof walkway  which I hadn’t accounted for also free of charge.  The freebee never arrived. Also, there weren’t enough screws delivered but that’s standard stuff you can buy in any hardware store. Needless to say, I’m not using Kattovaruste anymore.

The installation of the roof safety products was pretty much straight forward. I attached first the ladder and worked myself then up to the top of the roof. It took me as an amateur about a day to get it done. Vesivek, one of the leading companies in the business, wanted about 300 Euro for installing the roof safety products. Vesivek offered the roof safety materials for 900 Euro while I bought them for around 600 Euro. So, doing it myself and selecting a cheaper channel to acquire them (even that the purchase was a bit bumpy) saved me about half. Let the sweeping begin!


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