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Fruit Orchard

May 26, 2014

Our garden is expanding, with more permanent plans. As mentioned in an earlier post, in addition to vegetables and flowers, we want to have a fruit orchard at the Villa. Fruit orchard in quite a grandiose name for what we now have, but eventually I see that it will be an orchard.

The Other Half already made excellent ground work with turning the ground, adding soil and flattening the surface of the planned orchard site. Earlier in the week I went to the local market to buy a flower (for my Mother for Mother’s Day), but instead I came home with 3 apple trees and 4 berry bushes. Plans for the following weekend were clear!

The planting did not actually take that long. On the right I planted three apple trees approximately 5 meters apart from each other. This was the recommendation as even though they are tiny at the moment, once they grow and prosper over the years they shall be quite big.


Then we have 2 redcurrant bushes and 2 blackcurrant bushes. These were planted about a meter apart from each other as over the years they will also be quite big. Once the bushes were planted the rest of the open area was planted with grass seeds, as through this area one will walk from the guest cottage towards the Villa. The Other Half will build some stairs down the slope.


I’m still thinking about potentially adding a few berry bushes or perhaps plum or cherry trees, but that won’t happen this year. Let’s see if these guys survive over the next year and if so, next summer we can expand the orchard.

It looks of course very bare at the moment, as all of the plants are very small, but I expect in 5 years this will look completely different! Now the impatient wait to see how many years we have to wait until we can pick the first berries or the first apples. A year or two at least!


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