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You served us well

May 23, 2014

While waiting for the roof safety parts to arrive, I spent the precious free time to attack some other pending projects. One of them is the terrace extension of the guest cottage. The terrace extension in front the guest cottage served us for outdoor lunches and coffees while we were lodging in the guest cottage (many years back when there wasn’t Villa Linnea).

But it is time now to let the terrace extension go. Instead of worrying about oiling the wood and replacing the terrace boards at some point, I’d rather deconstruct the whole thing and build back the old, original version.


The removal works exactly in the opposite process than building any terrace: You remove the terrace boards first which takes some 3 hours with a little helper. This opens up the frame  for deconstruction.

20140511_115325sNext comes the removal of the pillars for the rails and the stairs (which will be reused as such at another place). The frame beams are in such good shape that I will reuse them at a later point for another terrace project, but then intend to reuse them complicates the deconstruction somehow. Each of the 100 nails connecting the frame beams to each other need to be one by one which is painstakingly slow.

After pulling away the concrete pillars and some landscaping the whole thing looks neat again and hopefully doesn’t need to be touched for some time come.



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