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Sowing the Seeds of Love

May 20, 2014

The planting project is proceeding! The vegetable patch is no longer empty! Here you can see the nice, even rows that I dug for planting the seeds. As you can see, I love order in everything, even in planting vegetable seeds.


There was really no great plan to what we planted in the vegetable patch this year. It’s a mix of “oh, that would be interesting” and “let’s see what seeds they have available”. As a result we have carrots, 4 types of salad, parsley, radish, thyme and rosemary. We will also add dill later, as soon as I remember to buy those seeds… In order to remember what I have planted (in case I will not be able to identify plants as soon as they start growing), I put the each of the bags on an ice cream popsicle stick and stuck it to the ground.


In case you’re wondering, the section on the other side of the middle stepping stones is reserved to potatoes. They will be planted during a weekend later in the spring.

In addition to the vegetables, we also planted flower seeds. I have no recollection of what type of flowers these will turn out to be, but as with the vegetables, I stuck the seeds bags next to each of the rows in order to identify the beautiful flowers once they grow.


The Other Half has been busy turning the soil in from of the guest cottage. This will be our fruit orchard… Someday.


We also took an old pot to the top of the road, filled it with soil and planted some flower seeds. Hopefully these will provide anyone visiting Villa Linnea a beautiful welcome during the summer season!


Swans also made an appearance over the weekend, in a surprisingly large group. This happens every year during the spring and usually we see 1-2 swan couples circling around the lake throughout the summer.


p.s. to top off the seed planting frenzy throughout the weekend we had a bit of snow! Luckily it melted away really quickly.



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