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Easter Time at the Villa

April 24, 2014

Last weekend was a nice, very long weekend at the Villa with no specific program or schedule. Thursday evening arrival was rewarded with a magnificent sunset.


On Friday, a day before there was nation-wide limitation on bonfires due to a forest fire alert, we had an Easter bonfire. Well as anyone who has had a building project knows that this was actually burning of the debris that had accumulated over the winter plus tree branches the Other Half and the Boy had dragged from the forest from trees that had been chopped down during the winter.


The Girl and the Boy were fascinated by the spring awakening of nature. As a result every day there was a fresh little bouquet of flowers for me. Very nice!

Bouquet 2Bouquet 1











BTW did you know that we have Easter island just nearby Villa Linnea? On Easter Sunday our two eager egg hunters set upon the task of finding what the Easter Bunny had left behind.

Easter islandChoc 1Choc 3Choc 2Choc 4

The loot was quite plentiful, as you can see from the last picture!

The weather over Easter could not have been better. Every day was sunny and unbelievably warm. Hard to believe it was only mid-April. We could even set the boat in the water 🙂


Final note about Easter weekend – as you recall, the Other Half and the Boy made a bird house a couple of weeks ago. Over Easter we noticed that someone may have already moved in, at least there has been inspection of the possible housing opportunities in the area.


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