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April 7, 2014

Time to start yet another dramatic building project:

The Birdhouse!

Well, this isn’t a particular long nor challenging task. It’s more designed to get the firstborn (now 7 years of age) involved in the excitement around creating things out of wood.

The bird house is simple to do and pretty much anybody can do it. You can buy them also for 4 Euros a piece from a fleamarket (last one seen for that price in Varkaus), but that’s beside the point because it isn’t the “having” that is important to me but the “building”.

This little house is made from left-over boards from the Villa Linnea project. A simple 120 mm x 15 mm board does the trick for pretty much all sides. For once, I didn’t even use much power tools but cut everything with the hand saw. The sides of the bird house are quickly cut and nailed together. For the roof, we chose a leftover piece of log from same earlier project of making a bike stand. Only for the hole in the front (at 32 mm) I used a power drill since I don’t have any of these old fashioned hand drills.



In regards to the main project Villa Linnea, this year’s plan includes the rain gutters around the roof and the landscaping of the front yard. We’ll see how much energy, time, and money we’ll find to get them done this year. There is no hurry. We are not even in year 5 of the 5 year building project…

Meanwhile, we can wait for the residents to move into the bird house.


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