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Power? Check!

November 15, 2013

You can’t smell it. You can’t see it. You can’t hear it. You can feel it, but I wouldn’t recommend that either. Electricity.

Before the villa can go through its final inspection, we had to have all electricity connections checked by an authorized electrician. That was done last week.

WP_20131108_22_18_51_ProThe electricians checked whether all connections are grounded and whether the fast safety fuses release quickly enough in case of a short cut. The safety fuses release time was a bit on the slow side because the villa is at the end of the power line. The distance to the nearest transformer supplying us with electricity is 800 meters in birds view but in reality probably twice as long considering the path the cable is taking through the fields and the forest. But the safety fuses release fast enough if you ask me and according to the definition the time to release is still within the tolerances.

The electricians also changed at the same time the cabling for the floor heating. Currently, I could drop the temperature in the villa only by a fixed, per-determined amount (typically 10 degrees in each room). After changing the setup, I can drop the temperature set in the room thermostats by any value remotely between +5 and -20 degrees (this being the drop value from the room temperature set at about 21 degrees). If I drop now the temperature to 5 degrees instead of 10 degrees when we are not in the countryside, then we can save a lot of electricity. The electricity cabinet looks a bit messy but it works.


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