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Some like it XXL

November 2, 2013

Some like everything in XXL. I prefer it a bit sleeker or just right.


It is the end of the autumn 2013. It is warm. Warmer than usual in Finland at the end of October. I used the opportunity to build the railings on the sides of the terraces. Until now, I built railings only in the front of the terrace where the drop is about 80 cm. After a talk with our architect I figured out that I need to build also railings on the sides. According to Finnish building regulations, one needs railings if the drop is more than 50 cm. The kids hadn’t managed to drop down the terrace racing over it with their tractors and other plastic vehicles all summer, but rules are what they are. Now I’ve got 16 X crosses more around the Villa but it’s still not XXL. It is just right.

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