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When enough is enough…

October 10, 2013

There are some things in life you rather don’t want to worry about. One of them is the question what happens with the stuff that departs when you flush the toilet.

In your city dwelling, you certainly don’t need to care about what happens with that waste water (except you have a blockage in your pipes). The city will take care of it. In the countryside things are not quite as simple. It could be rather simple with a dry toilet which is very common still in outhouses in Finland. However, the winter exercise to crack the peek of the frozen pile of s??t with a iron bar isn’t something I’m too much eager to do. Hence, we have the water toilet inside of the villa. But the stuff has to go somewhere. In our case it goes into a 5500 liter septic tank. Considering that the average flush includes about 5 liters of water plus payload that should be enough for about 1000 toilet sessions. But who wants to count? And nobody wants a septic tank overflowing with the history of the last 12 months.

The solution is a remote control system that monitors the “water” level in the septic tank and sends an alarm over a short-range radio communication. The so-called Jita Tank Check is provided with the septic tank by Jita but is originated by Smartel Electronics.


In the photo above you can see the antenna poking out over the septic tank. Underneath, is a rather simple sensor that registers when the water level has reached the top of the septic tank. The signal is relayed then to a receiver that is installed in the house. The simple receiver unit tells you then when the tank is full and it is time to call the waste water deportation club.


I could connect the tank check even to the remote house control system sending me a SMS when the tank is full, but I don’t really need that. After all, when I’m on the toilet (or anybody of my family) I don’t need a mobile phone to tell me that enough is enough.

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