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Tables are Turned

October 1, 2013

A long, long time ago (even before I was in the picture) the Other Half bought a coffee table. This coffee table has moved home with us at least twice. When our first child started walking it was banished to the attic for several years. Last year we needed a coffee table quick at the Villa and as we didn’t have much time to look around for the perfect table (you know we love to take our time and find the perfect items…) we remembered the old coffee table. So into the trailer and off to the Villa it went. Look at the a picture of it in the living room from last year.

It is a very nice coffee table: a good size, handy drawer and a glass top. However it DOES NOT FIT AT ALL in the Villa. The glass is too modern, the color is wrong, the legs are boring… But there is something very, very nice about it: as already said, it’s a good size and it’s wood. And there’s the handy drawer.

As it would have been a shame to just throw the table away (or burn it, like we like to do with anything that we want to get rid of that burns in the countryside), one weekend the Other Half took the coffee table on a another trip: this time back home and into the garage. A few weeks of evening work later I was invited to the grand unveiling. Ta-daa, please see the transformation!Coffee table

Quite impressive, right? It is just perfect! It’s white (now that cannot be a surprise to anyone), it has very nice grooves on the legs for that special touch, the glass top has been replaced by wood and the drawer handles are even new. Very, very nice! I see that we will have this coffee table for years at the Villa as now it fits just perfectly into the living room!

Since taking these pictures I’ve already brought a decorative dish from home that is in the middle of the table and gathered some fall items from the surrounding woods. At Christmas time we’ll have something Christmassy there, etc. And that drawer: now that the top is no longer glass it’s really handy for storing some playing cards, pen & paper and random small items as you’re no longer staring at them through the glass.

Another perfect piece is the decorating puzzle has fallen into place!

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