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Heart of the Home

September 10, 2013

You know that saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home? I was looking around the Villa kitchen recently and noticed that somehow, completely by accident I’ve developed a heart theme.

It’s not over bearing, the hearts are small details here and there, but somehow they had just kind of creeped in little by little without me, or anyone else for that matter, noticing. Have a look yourself below.

It all started innocently with this oven glove, which I saw online about two years back and bought.
Heart 4

Then I bought some kitchen towels that fit the oven glove.

Heart 8Then a year ago in the summer I really liked this heart-shaped chalkboard. It was first in the entrance of the Villa hallway, but once the armoire was in place there it had to move. The kitchen is the perfect place for it.
Heart 1

I’ve always wanted to buy a multi-tiered serving dish. Luckily I never bought the “Ikea-basic-glass” one, as this summer I came across still very pretty off-white coloured one in enamel (or a similar metal material). And yes, if you look closely, there is a heart-shaped trim pattern on the edge of each of the three layers. Heart 3

We’ve also been missing salt and pepper shakers in the Villa kitchen. It is surprisingly difficult to find something that is simple, but not too simple (=boring). Thus you can imagine how happy I was this summer when I came across this simple glass pair of shakers that were in a pretty wired holder with – yes, you guessed it – a heart pattern.

Heart 2

At the end of the summer one of the local interior design boutiques had a clearance sale, which I stumbled upon quite accidentally. I already looked last summer at these strings of small wooden hearts, but thought they were a bit on the expensive side. Well, now they were -50% and I bought two. Two for the price of one, that’s how I justified the purchase to myself (and unsuccessfully tried to hide them from the Other Half). Where else could I have hung them than the entrance to the kitchen of the Villa? And actually, after hanging them, that’s when I noticed this completely unintentional heart-theme that had creeped in!
Heart 5

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