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Be Careful What You Wish For

September 4, 2013

If you follow our blog regularly you, you know that if we’re getting items for the Villa we look around to find just the right thing, we don’t settle for something almost like what we would like. And very often we’ve just happened to stumble across things we weren’t planning to buy (yet) but come across something perfect that we just have to buy. Well, this post is not related to anything we bought. But it is related to a piece of furniture that fits just perfectly to the Villa.

During a recent weekend in the countryside I was looking around the living room thinking about what additional pieces of furniture would be nice there eventually. There is a small bit of wall between the fireplace and the entrance to the kitchen where we’ve already hung a painting on the wall but it looks somehow empty. I mentioned this to the Other Half, saying that this would be a very nice place for a narrow sidetable, just under the painting, to put a few candles in the fall and winter. I even went to explain how it would be nice to have a cross at the back, between the legs, and perhaps one shelf as well. Discussion ended with “let’s keep our eyes open, if we happen to see something”.

I didn’t think much about it over the next weeks, but I did notice there was some garage project ongoing at home. Didn’t think twice, as the Other Half always has a project or two in progress. But I guess you can see where this is going? Yes, he was building the sidetable I talked about! And here’s the final result:
Table 1

It’s just perfect, exactly like I had in mind! And this was made out of scrap material we had left in the garage from previous projects. Unbelievable!

Here’s still another picture, showing the painting which the table is located under. Fits just perfect!
Table 2
p.s. in case you didn’t notice, I’m really happy about this table 🙂

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