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TM Rakennusmaailma, Hei!

August 16, 2013

A man calls. He tells you he is representing a subscription-based magazine. You slam down the phone being fed up of these telemarketing guys…

Luckily, my better half answered the phone this time and did not end the call immediately. Turns out that the person is not subscription sales guy but a freelancer journalist writing stories for the magazine. He was referenced by our architect and was interested to write a story about Villa Linnea in the next edition of the TM Rakennusmaailma magazine, a spin-off of the most popular technology magazine focusing on building related topics.

We’ve been rejecting two offers previously to cover Villa Linnea so far, mostly because it just wasn’t representable yet. And it still isn’t ready yet. After all, we are only in year three of the five year plan. But since large parts of the Villa are ready, this journalist focuses on the building side of things and not the interior design, and we finished the lake-side landscaping this summer, we invited the journalist Matti Värri over for a quick visit.


Having worked with various journalist globally, I didn’t really know what to expect from a freelancer working for a Finnish building magazine. But I was a little bit surprised, when Matti Värri came in traditional Finnish summer cottage outfit. Barely shaven, wearing some not so young anymore trainers, and topped off with a baseball hat which allowed you to read the age of it by the wear and tear, he made sure that he is the real thing by handing over his business card. He was a pleasant, chatty guy and the scheduled two hours were quickly over.

Instead of getting an impression of the building first, we sat down for about an hour and a half and chatted about the history, the building progress, and our material choices. Then we walked around the site and Villa Linnea when he snapped various photos. Six of them made it to magazine. The half-page title photo featuring the lake view however was taken by myself later that day because of the back light in the morning. He was especially fond of the lighthouse outhouse (the photo ended up also in the story) saying that would have made it into an earlier edition focusing on extravagant outhouse designs.

After a bit more than two hours, the chatty journalist, who at times seemed a bit lost thinking that mother’s day would be in the end of July (because he read an old paper at his cottage before he drove to visit us) left us promising he would send us a draft of the story soon. He did sent us the first draft of the story within two days and we were positive surprised how he had condensed the history of our building project and built an easy-to-follow storyline. We also made some small edits in regards to facts which he misunderstood, all of them were taken into account in the printed version.

The story in the magazine edition is a two page article describing the building project and a little bit of background about the builders aka us. It’s a neat article. Since I don’t want trample over Matti’s copyright I won’t describe more what he wrote. If you want to see the article in Finnish language you can download it for a small fee from here under the heading of “Maalla on mukava” in the 7th edition:

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